PADI Diving Courses


PADI Diving Courses in Lanzarote

Try Diving for Kids and Adults

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving is perfect for experiencing the underwater world for the first time. Starting in shallow water you will float in a controlled environment and encounter with loads of colorful fish just in front of you. Be careful – you might fall in love with one or the other marine animal and do not want to come back to land anymore.

Diving for Kids

Let your little ones immerse themselves in a beautiful magical world. An activity that will astonish your kids and guarantees shiny eyes. In a safe environment, with lots of play and fun, will our child-friendly diving instructors dive with your youngest ones.

PADI Open Water Diver

The most famous diving course in the world. A certification that allows you to dive anywhere in the world up to 18 meters deep.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Become an Advanced Open Water Diver with the best diving instructors. Try out 5 adventure dives (Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Navigation, Deep Diving, Sidemount and many more) and explore new diving environments. Improve your diving skills and experience fun and excitement, discover new adventures.

PADI Specialty Courses

Do you want to be a real legend? Mastery requires practice! Gain specialized training in different conditions and grow beyond yourself. Find out what you like and become a master! Our instructors will take you to a new level and share their knowledge and skills with you.

Continue your Education or become a Dive Professional (more courses)

If the salty water flows through your veins and you are or want to be the perfect diver, you probably share our enthusiasm and passion for the ocean.

Technical Diving

Go beyond the limits of recreational diving. Overcome your barriers and go where only very few make it, the legends. What about you, are you ready?

PADI eLearning. Complete the theory before you arrive in Lanzarote.

Now you can complete the theoretical part of your diving course comfortably at home before your holidays. Skip the classroom and better spend your time in Lanzarote underwater or on the beach. Relax and make the most out of your holidays with PADI eLearning. No extra charges.

To become a legend, you need a lot of practice and a high-quality education.

Each person has an individual learning rhythm. While one person solves new tasks with ease, the same situation is more difficult for someone else. At Scuba Legends we can imagine how frustrating it can be to participate in a diving course with lots of students. If the instructor has a big group, students often feel they are not getting enough attention. Or even worse, if the instructor is only interested in finishing the course as fast as possible, handing out the certifications and quickly starting another course.

At Scuba Legends we dive legendary and legendary is none of the situations described above. In our PADI diving courses we teach with time & patience and limit our groups to a maximum of 4 students per instructor. We follow the highest training standards, use high-quality and fully functional equipment and most importantly, we impart our competence through endless passion and love for the sea. We simply love what we do!

We also organize diving trips for groups and diving clubs. We adapt the entire experience to your needs and interests. Contact us for further information.


Best value for money for diving courses in Lanzarote. Cheaper is impossible.

Get your PADI diving certification in Puerto del Carmen at the best price on the island. To enjoy a legendary dive, you do not necessarily have to pay a fortune. We want you to enjoy the breath-taking experience to dive underwater, with full scuba equipment, like a fish.

Private Dive Instructors and Guides – Make it epic!

Are you dreaming of personal VIP service for you, your family & friends? Enjoy our exclusive private diving services in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote.
We adapt the diving experience to your needs, level of experience and preferences.

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