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Go beyond the limits of recreational scuba diving. Overcome your challenge and go where very few can reach, only the legends.

Technical Diving is the highest level of diving, so it is not for everyone. You need to be ready to learn a new concept of diving and take on the risks and investments required for Technical Diving.

Our instructors are real geeks and passionate about Tec Diving. We will teach you all our knowledge and skills, but at the same time Tec Diving requires a high level of commitment. Our goal is that you learn to be 100% autonomous in order to dive independently.

As part of Technical Diving, you will learn new skills that take you to a new level as a diver, as well as the use of new equipment and various gas mixtures. This way you will be able to dive longer and deeper and reach magical and unexplored places.

Puerto del Carmen, one of the best places in Europe for Technical Diving

Puerto del Carmen, located in the eastern half of Lanzarote, is the ideal place to learn and enjoy Technical Diving. Volcanic rock soils that sink more than 60 meters into the depths of the ocean. Caves, caverns and tunnels that offer many possibilities. And of course, the spectacular underwater landscape and the abundance of life in the Atlantic.

PADI Discover Technical Diving

This program is an introductory dive in technical equipment to try it before you decide to sign up for the first PADI Tec 40 Course. Do you dare?

PADI Tec 40

Start with the best diving instructors in Technical Diving. Learn the basic technical and practical knowledge as well as necessary decompression techniques.

PADI Tec 45

The second step towards the Tec Diver, where your skills and knowledge will be further developed. Continue the path of the legends into the depth.

PADI Tec 50

Also known as Tec Deep Diver, is the complete Technical Diving Course, the highest qualification. Become an experienced technical diver in 12 intense days.

PADI Tec Sidemount

Dive in sidemount through the depth of the oceans. Jump to the next level, learn how to handle several tanks and various gas mixtures in sidemount configuration.

PADI Tec Trimix 65

Exceed the limits of Nitrox and learn to dive up to 65 meters with Trimix. Discover the benefits of helium and how to configure different gas mixtures.

PADI Tec Trimix Diver

Do you want to overcome all obstacles? Dive up to 90 meters deep. The extreme Technical Diving that is only possible with Trimix.

PADI eLearning. Complete the theory before you arrive in Lanzarote.

Now you can complete the theoretical part of your diving course comfortably at home before your holidays. Skip the classroom and better spend your time in Lanzarote underwater or on the beach. Relax and make the most out of your holidays with PADI eLearning. No extra charges.

Official Halcyon Dealer

Halcyon, a brand known for its high quality and longevity. Recognition and prestige, both, in technical and recreational diving. We are the only authorized Halcyon dealer in the entire Canary Islands.

Private Dive Instructors and Guides – Make it epic!

Are you dreaming of personal VIP service for you, your family & friends? Enjoy our exclusive private diving services in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote.
We adapt the diving experience to your needs, level of experience and preferences.

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