PADI Advanced Open Water


Become a PADI Advanced Open Water in Lanzarote

Dive Deeper, Explore Further! Unlock the next level of underwater adventure with our PADI Advanced Open Water Course in Lanzarote, Puerto del Carmen. Gain self-confidence, elevate your diving skills, conquer new depths, and dive into thrilling specialty experiences.

During 5 PADI Adventure Dives you can explore and gain new experience. From buoyancy training and breathing practices to underwater navigation and deep diving. Explore sunken shipwrecks, get an intro to rescue training or learn how to dive with enriched air. With the PADI Advanced Open Water Course you will be trained to dive to a depth of 30 meters. With each adventure dive you can receive recognition for the first dive of the respective PADI Specialty Course.

Become a scuba legend! Big variety of adventure dives, expert instructors, and unforgettable dives await.

With PADI eLearning you can complete the theoretical part of your diving course comfortably at home before your holidays. Skip the classroom and better spend your time in Lanzarote underwater or on the beach. Relax and make the most out of your holidays with PADI eLearning. No extra charges.

What does the PADI Advanced Open Water Course include?

The PADI Advanced Open Water Course (AOWC) requires 5 adventure dives. Each dive covers one adventure theme from the PADI eLearning to give you an introduction in new areas. The deep diving and underwater navigation training is obligatory, the other three adventures can be chosen by you, depending on availability.

The theory is to be completed in self-study prior to course start via PADI eLearning (smartphone or computer). We will register you and send you detailed instructions once the course is confirmed.

The 5 adventure dives of the AOWC will be spread over 2 training days. We start at about 8:15 in Playa Chica (Puerto del Carmen) and finish the day between 1-3 pm. The adventure dive are subject to availability and scheduling. We offer the following adventure dives, which are included in the price:

    • Peak Performance Buoyancy: A must for every diver!
    • Wreck Diving Shore: Visit a small wreck from shore.
    • Rescue Adventure: Get a first idea of rescue training.
    • Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Deployment: Learn how to employ a buoy to be safe on ascents.
    • Drift Diving: Learn how to adjust to currents.

The adventure dives are subject to availability and scheduling. In addition to the mandatory deep dive and underwater navigation we offer the following adventure dives, which are included in the price:

    • Nitrox Enriched Air Specialty: Dive with enriched air and increase your no-deco times (+130€ incl. eLearning & Specialty Certification).
    • Wreck Diving Boat: Dive by boat and explore the wreck of Puerto del Carmen (+40€ incl. 2 boat dives).
    • Night Diving: Discover which marine life awakens at night (+60€, requires min. 3 participants).
    • Dive Against Debris Specialty: Get into conservation and fight against debris (+100€ incl. eLearning & Specialty Certification).


    • 2 days + eLearning


    • 12 years old
    • Open Water Diver
    • Medically fit for diving

5 adventure dives
PADI eLearning + digital certification
Refreshment and snacks


Project AWARE Specialty
Semi-private course (maximum 2 students per instructor)



Project AWARE Specialty
Private course (maximum 1 student per instructor)

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