about us


Life is better underwater.

Scuba Legends Dive Center Lanzarote is located in Puerto del Carmen, within the commercial centre “Puerto Cinco”. You find us right on top of the Dino Express Supermarket.

Within just a few minutes we reach some of the most amazing dive sites of Lanzarote.

In the dive center you’ll find a gear room with cleaning and drying area, a bathroom with shower and a classroom for teaching. In our little shop you can purchase basic dive and snorkelling equipment as well as useful accessories. The big terrace just in front offers an amazing sea view and is perfect to chill out after your dives, fill in your log book or just to have a drink.

Our highly experienced instructors provide the most complete training and show absolute respect for standards and safety. We make the difference! Diving with us offers you knowledge gained through decades of working in the dive industry all around the world. We are Scuba Legends, a team of Diving Lovers who share their passion with a big smile.


The Passionist

Originally from a small coastal town in the south of Barcelona, Gery began diving in 2000. After a few years and a couple of hundred dives he decided that his life would be tied forever to diving. In 2006 he attended his divemaster, starting his professional career.

His passion led him to work in the furthest corners of the world. Argentina, Thailand,
Mexico, Greece, Malaysia Peninsula and Borneo, Belgium and Maldives as well as throughout Spain including Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Gran Canaria and finally Lanzarote. As IDC Staff Instructor, Cave Diving & Tec Instructor, still, his motto is: “The more I learn about diving, the more I realize that I still have a lot to learn.”
Gery describes himself as a friend of the fish. He decided, as personal commitment, to stop eating them and start a fight to defend them. It is difficult to enjoy a good fish dish if Gery is close by. If something can obscure his warm smile, it is the current state of the seas and oceans. He never misses a chance, while diving or walking along the beach to collect plastic, asks others to get involved, or explain why or how humans are destroying our most precious treasure.



The Organized

Born in a small town in the northwest of Germany, she accidentally fell in love with diving during her holidays in Greece. Very quick Chantal realised her passion could be more than just a hobby and she became a dive professional in 2012. On her path to IDC Staff Instructor she enjoyed travelling through the world which led to several seasons in Santorini, Thailand,
Malaysia peninsula and Borneo, Belgium, Maldives, Gran Canaria and finally Lanzarote.

Chantal has been diving in places with incredible underwater life, though she never expects anything specific below the surface. As long as she is underwater she is happy. Every creature she meets on her way is to be seen as kind of a gift during the dive.

Chantal stands synonymous for efficiency, professionalism and kindness. In turn, she is a proven guarantee of the best and most complete training. Chantal is an inspiration for both, men and women. An instructor who gets respect from everyone through hard work and perseverance. Always with patience, a warm smile and a very kind personality, she will spend all the time you need to ensure your high quality training. Chantal is an ocean lover and a very determined environment protector. She does not support anyone in her presence that threatens, touches, feeds or disturb any underwater creatures. Instead she uses any situation to encourage divers and non-divers to be aware and understand the correct attitude towards the beautiful underwater life.