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Technical Diving

Technical (tec) diving means going beyond recreational scuba diving limits. It is not neccesarily about diving deep. Most tec divers will tell you that it’s definetly about the challenge and adventure of exploring places that only few people have ever seen. Tec diving is not for everyone, but it does attract experienced divers who want to go beyond their current limits and are willing to accept the added risks, training, investment and commitment it demands. If this is you, then PADI TecRec courses are your ticket to extreme adventure.

What is technical diving?

Technical scuba diving involves going beyond recreational scuba diving limits and includes one or more of the following:

  • Diving beyond 40 metres/130 feet
  • Required stage decompression
  • Diving in an overhead environment beyond 40 linear metres/130 linear feet of the surface
  • Accelerated decompression and/or the use of variable gas mixtures during the dive
  • Use of extensive equipment and technologies

In technical diving the surface is often inaccessible in an emergency, so tec divers use extensive procedures, equipment and training to manage the added risks and potential hazards. Tec diving offers numerous benefits and provides tec divers with significantly more time underwater.

If you are curious about tec, but not sure yet to start a course Discover Technical Diving and make up your mind after a test dive.
Certified tec divers or those who want to get certified check our course offers as well as our special combo packages to continue with your education or join us for some pure pleasure tec diving. Enjoy yourself and start today!


Awesome Diving School — professional at all times, my TEC Course was fitted exactly to my needs and we had a lot of fun too :). I did my PADI TEC 40, 45 and 50 with Gery and it was an awesome experience. We did a lot of training in shallower water so that I was comfortable trying my new skills under real conditions. Also, the theoretical part of the course was excellent since Gery can explain difficult content easily. At all times I felt safe, good taken care of and of course, challenged in the right amount. I can't wait to experience more TEC Diving Sites and one thing I know for sure, if one day I have doubts about anything in diving, I would call Scuba Legends for their advice.

Freya P.

Thank you Gery! I really enjoyed my courses with you!! I liked that you went beyond the course materials and taught us how to be divers. I also really like that you have the upmost respect for your surroundings and the environment. When will we go diving again?!? 😀

Sebastian A.

tolle und sehr kompetente Tauchschule!

Alexander D.

Thank you, diving with you has taken me to another level of experience, i'll be back!

Ingmar F.

Si están pensando en hacer el curso PADI TEC 40 con Scuba Legends lo recomiendo al 100%. Lo terminé hace unos días y la experiencia fue fantástica. Gracias a la profesionalidad de Gerry aprendí muchísimo sobre el buceo técnico y muchas otras cosas que me quedaban por mejorar. Nos vemos dentro de poco para el TEC 50!! 🙂

Isabel H.

Seriously, the most passionate diving experience ewer ! Do not hesitate, they take diving very seriously. Thumbs up for the crew at Scuba Legends !

Andrej S.

A huge thank you to this great company for supporting our charity Oceans4Life Gran Canaria We need more companies like to take action to protect our oceans. They are making a difference to ensure we reduce the amount of plastic affecting our marine life. 5 star eco company. Well done and thank you

Julie D.