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10 Special Christmas Gifts For Divers

January 6, 2020

By Scuba Legends


What to give a diver for Christmas? The truth is that we divers, apart from diving, what we like the most is to talk about diving. We also love to see photos of diving, eating, sleeping and drinking are other typical activities inherent in this hobby. So, if for Christmas party in your office, or in the invisible friend of your family, whatever is the case. If your problem is to find a special Christmas gift for divers, don’t worry, we will help you.  There is nothing easier than making a gift to a diver.  It only has to be related to diving and you will succeed!

At Scuba Legends we offer you some ideas on what to give to that diver friend. Or in case you are a diver, so that you suggest this article to that person that you know he or she has to make a gift to you.


Yes, very well though! You have a diver friend and you have thought about giving him a couple of dives in the local diving club. Well thought! That is to bet for sure. Buy him/her a Santa Claus hat and ask him or her to take a picture wearing it while diving. This is a classic. Every year thousands of divers perform this Christmas ritual. And inexplicably, every year without exception, we repeat it and we love it. So go ahead. If that’s your idea, do not hesitate. Giving time underwater is always a good gift for a diver. But, if this was your gift last year or you seek for something a bit more special,  keep reading


Unless you are an inseparable diving partner of the person to whom you have to make a gift. Or that you know very well his/her needs. No. It is not a good idea to give diving equipment to a diver. There are too many variables and many possibilities that your gift, in the best of the cases, ends up as extra equipment, and at worst, in the drawer of the closet. It is very difficult to give diving equipment to a diver. If that is your wish, it is always better to make a voucher or take him/her as a surprise to a diving centre.


At Scuba Legends we have been browsing the web to offer you some ideas. The way we see them, they are gifts that, at least, will tear a smile from that friend of yours who is waiting for your gift. Most of these articles can be found on pages like Amazon or Ebay. Let’s take a look:



Bottle of water shaped as a dive tank – It is great because he/she will love it. Also, using reusable bottles is a great way to fight plastic pollution in the sea. It’s BPA-free and 100% recyclable, in addition to being super lightweight. And, of course, an incredible trendsetter!



Changing towel – Every day these fantastic towels are becoming more common between divers . Apart from drying ourselves, they serve as coverage when changing us. Very useful when diving from the shore. Something every diver should have. Nowadays there are many different colors and designs.



Hammer head bottle opener – There are tons of ocean-themed corkscrews out there; this one is classy and practical at the same time. The “Hammered Head” by Umbra is a dual corkscrew and bottle opener in the shape of a hammerhead shark. Excellent quality-price ratio….



An underwater wine bottle – does not it sound great? Crusoe Treasure is a company that ferments the wine underwater, in the darkness. They say the wine has unique aromas, flavor and colour.



Scuba Diver 8 inch Artist Original piggy bank – Ideal to motivate your friend to get an extra savings for future diving trips or new equipment!



Fred Deep Tea Diver Silicone tea infuser –  Diving and tea lover? This infuser tea will delight any diver! Now you can take your passion for diving to the deepest of your tea cups!



Jacques Cousteau Scuba Diving Tank Art – The Perfect Gift! Great wall art for the office, classroom, studio, home or any other setting!



Fashion Scuba Diving Classic Christmas Stocking – Leave a clear message for Santa Claus! I’d rather be diving, do not bring me underwear unless it’s waterproof!



Scuba Diving cookie cutters (flag, flippers and mask goggles) – Take the passion of diving to the bottom of your stomach! Give a subtle message to all your visitors that although you like to share time with them, what you really want to do is dive



Jacques Cousteau’s hat – Retro is fashionable. And now any diver can stand out above the others by imitating the father of recreational diving. With this cap one does not go unnoticed.


We hope that with these ideas we have been able to give you a hand when deciding on a gift for a diver. If you waste a little time surfing the web, you can find unthinkable things. This is the good thing about the internet, everything is within everyone’s reach.

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