Dismantling Narcosis
nitrogen Narcosis

If you have ever seen a diver acting erratically or strangely during a deep dive, most probably he or she was enjoying a drunken drill from the depth. Nitrogen Narcosis is somehow like being tipsy but underwater. Comparing to alcohol, being drunk can be funny or extremely dangerous. We all have friends who turn very […]

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Breaking News – Another Scuba Diving Icon Sold
Aqua Lung Sold

BREAKING NEWS…BREAKING NEWS…BREAKING NEWS… Air Liquide, a french company and owner of the world famous brand Aqua Lung, just announced the sale of the entire firm to Montagu Private Enquiry company. Last October, Air Liquide started the conversations to sell one of the icons of their brand. After 2 months of negotiations they reached an […]

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The Northern Red Sea
Red Sea

The Red Sea is one of the most famous scuba diving destinations in the world. It got its name from the huge blooms of algae that turn the water reddish when they recede. The Red Sea is an unchanging landscape. Vast empty deserts reaching as far as the eye can see and serve as the […]

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Buoyancy Session 1 – The Buoyancy Check
buoyancy check Open Water Course

Good buoyancy starts at the surface, even before gearing up. It starts with the decision about the amount of weight you are planning to dive with. Why? Starting a dive properly weighted is probably the most crucial contributing factor of performing good buoyancy while diving. If you begin your dive over-weighted, it won’t matter how much you […]

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Buoyancy Session 2 – The Descent
Open Water Course

The descent is one of the simplest parts of diving. You just deflate your BC, get ready to equalize and the fun starts. But in fact, the descent is a very important and should be well managed. Your comfort and buoyancy depend on it. You’ll find plenty of disadvantages in performing an uncontrolled descent. Let’s […]

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Scuba Diving – Should I try it?
Discover Scuba Diving Gran Canaria

The First Time Underwater… I am sure everybody that tried scuba diving once remembers the amazing feeling of being weightless and hovering through the ocean.  I clearly do! I did my first try dive in Santorini, a beautiful Island in Greece. I truly remember this day as if it was yesterday. Our Instructor explained us very […]

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The Riviera Maya – A Top Diving Destination
Diving Riviera Maya Scuba Diving Gran Canaria

Famous for endless white sand beaches and populated by exclusive resorts. The Riviera Maya is a world class holiday destination. Millions of people from all around the world visit Mexico’s Caribbean coast. Most are seeking for rest, sun and perhaps a visit to the ancient Mayan ruins. But Mexico also offers some of the most […]

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“You are a very good instructor!” – 7 Things You Should Know Before Saying This

You are a very good instructor… …something almost any diver can identify is how many different styles of teaching dive professionals may have and how many different systems they employ. All scuba diving organisations train their professionals to focus on safety and the control of the student. They have been well prepared for the job they are […]

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The Bad Habit of Overweighting
Scuba Diving Gran Canaria Overweight Bad Buoyancy

The Bad Habit of Overweighting Finally the day has arrived – your desired holidays start. After waiting for a long time you arrived in that tropical country preparing your diving gear. The divemaster is taking care of you and asks you a simple question:  “How many weights do you need?” You check your logbook and answer:  “Well, […]

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The Southern Red Sea
Diving the southern red sea Nemo Scuba Diving

The Southern Red Sea The southern area of the Red Sea is not that popular yet and therefore it offers less crowded dive sites. In turn, the difficulty of the dives is a little higher than in the north. The south of the Red Sea provides mainly incredible encounters with big animals such as sharks, […]

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