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New to the world of Technical Diving? Our Technical Diving School helps divers to take that step beyond recreational limits. Think of it as the place where divers meet their new adventure. 

Why to Tec Dive? Technical diving is an increasingly popular diving modality, since Technical diving is the natural evolution for an expert diver. As a technical diver you will go further, expand your possibilities, acquire new skills and live incredible new experiences. It's up to you. Tell us how far you want to go. Our mission is to train you to reach your new limits in a safe and fun way. Check your options:






Safety & Quality
Scuba Legends prioritizes high standards - on land and underwater.
Everybody is Welcome
Scuba Legends arranges Diving based on your needs and preferences.
Scuba Legends goes beyond the standard knowledge in the manuals.
Multilingual Service
Scuba Legends offers the courses in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan

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