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Best Diving Spots in Lanzarote – A Scuba Diver’s Paradise

Attention all adventurous divers! Are you ready to embark on a journey of underwater wonders? Look no further than Lanzarote - a breathtaking island surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. As your trusted guides in this aquatic realm, Scuba...

What should an Emergency Assistance Plan include?

It's one of those days...Everything just seems to be perfect, and then, suddenly, there is an accident at the dive site. It's time to act. Who is responsible for what and what needs to be done? This are common questions divers and professional ask themselves in such a...

Most Important Scuba Diving Abbreviations & Acronyms

When becoming a dive professional, apart of diving, there is a lot of theory to study. No matter how experienced you are, there will always come the day that you learn something you did not know yet, or you forgot already. In diving we often use abbreviations &...

Lanzarote – A Top Diving Destination in Europe

Lanzarote, one of the most wonderful islands of the Canarian Archipelago. The island of contrasts. Brownish volcanos, green palm trees, white houses the blue Atlantic. Find out 7 reason why to add Lanzarote to your bucket list.

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