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Technical Diving Myths – True or False?

enero 15, 2020

By Scuba Legends


For many divers technical diving is like an icon, a myth. But why do people feel that way? At ouTechnical Diving School we offer recreational divers the possibility to try Technical Diving. Some of the most common reasons why divers tell us they don’t want to try are: It’s too dangerous for me.“, followed by “I am just a diver.” to “Its too expensive!” Are this just Technical Diving Myths or is there some truth in it?



1 – Technical Diving is not for everyone

True! We could say: “Technical diving is for all the divers that are ready to be technical divers”. But this won’t answer the question. There are so many different modalities in technical diving that it is hard to believe that you’ll not find the one that suits you. But we are not going to lie. Technical diving is not for everyone! It needs investment of time and money, commitment, acceptance of risks, special training and equipment. But, if you are willing to accept the challenge, technical diving is a fantastic adventure full of amazing experiences.

2 – Technical Diving is dangerous

True(-ish)! Obviously there are more risks than in recreational divingBut that’s exactly the reason why there are so many different technical diving courses. One does not evolve from riding a bicycle straight to driving a car without trainingThe same way a recreational diver must go through a lot of training in order to master the skills needed for tec divingEven though, technical diving is more risky, with the proper training and attitude, technical diving is not necessarily more dangerous than recreational diving. More risks require intense preparation, 100% concentration, education, equipment and, of course, strict safety procedures.

3 – Technical diving is just about diving deeper and deeper

False! Depth is an important part in the world of technical diving, but not necessarily in focus. Tec Diving is about exploring areas which are kind of secret or restricted, in their own specific way, to recreational divers. During a tec dive you could: Explore caves // Experience Ice Diving // Dive into an ice cave // Use new configurations // Become a wreck explorer // Dive deeper // Use new gas mixtures //  Extend your bottom time at shallower depths…

As you can imagine, the possibilities of technical diving are endless and not every tec dive is about descending into the blue abyss!

The truth is that with the proper training and attitude, technical diving is not necessarily more dangerous than recreational diving. There are more risks. That is why there is much more training.

4 – The gear is too heavy

True! Let’s not fool ourselves. Loading one tank on your back is heavy enough. If you load two, it is twice as heavy. If you need 6 for a dive…make your calculations! The truth is that sidemount is starting to play an important role in the world of technical diving because it allows us, depending on the situation, to gear up directly inside the water. In turn, Rebreathers are becoming smaller and smaller. But, let’s stop making up excuses. The equipment is heavy. And one of the commitments of a technical diver is to keep him/herself fit enough to handle the weight of the gear. We don’t mean you need to be a gym addict, but there is a minimum of fitness required.

5 – Technical diving is only for few elite divers

False! Technical diving is not exclusive to a few bunch of divers with a very high level of diving. There isn’t any requirement like you would need to be a “pro” underwater to start technical diving, but rather it’s an inevitable consequence. Tec Diving will make you improve drastically as a diver (read 10 reasons why you should start technical diving). The more technical dives you perform, the more experience you acquire, the better your skill level will be.

6 – Technical diving is very expensive

True(-ish)! It’s not exactly that tec diving is more expensive, it just requires more of everything. This leads to a higher investment. Let’s have a look: You pay morebut in turn the outcome is much higher. technical diving course can last 15 days and, obviously, it is more expensive than an open water course that lasts 4 days. But, if you look at the average costs, the price per day for technical diving course may be even lower than what you have paid for your open water course.

The same counts for the gear or the time underwaterSure, if you are required to have more gear, your bill will go higher. But also, instead of spending only 45 minutes underwater, like during an average recreational dive, while technical diving you might be down in the beautiful blue for hours!

Being clear and honest: Yes, it costs more money! Yes, you will spend moreBut the most important: YES, what you receive in the end of the day might be a priceless and unforgettable adventure!

The equipment is heavy. And one of the commitments of a technical diver is to keep him/herself fit enough to handle the weight of the equipment.

7 – You have to quit recreational diving for technical diving

False! You have to see technical diving as something that makes you more complete as a diver. But to become a technical diver you don’t have to quit as a recreational diver. Technical divers enjoy a recreational dive in a shallow reef as much as any other diver. It is not about having to choose between one and the other. It is about having the possibility to choose between the two of them. Technical diving isn’t a religion to which you should devote the rest of your life. It is not different from diving . The limit, the amount of time spent, the when, the where and the how, the decision is up to you.

Remember one thing: We technical divers stand the weight of the gear, we accept that there are more risks, it costs us more money, we have to be in shape etc…but still, every day more and more divers take the plunch and startTechnical DivingThere must be something about tec diving that is worth the extra effort. It seems simple, tec diving awakens the same sensation and excitement that we felt when we started recreational diving in the first place. It offers us the ability to explore the beauty of the underwater wonders. To go beyond the limits. To see with our own eyes what until today we could only see with our imagination. (Read10 Reasons why you should begin Technical Diving)

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