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Shopping Against Marine Debris – Save The Ocean!

desembre 20, 2019

By Gery

Gery started diving in 2000. After a couple of years and a few hundred dives, he decided his life would forever be associated with diving. Ever since he was conquered by passion, and spreads his endless knowledge and experience as an IDC Staff Instructor.

Scientists state that in 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Hearing that, you feel like the fight against debris is lost. We don’t give up though, no matter the result, every effort counts. Hopefully this time scientists are wrong. From now on, you can fight against ocean debris just by shopping. Could it be easier?

Save The Ocean!

Adidas, in collaboration with Parley For The Oceans, has launched the Parley Sportswear. Their products are mostly done of recycled plastic from the oceans. This initiative is just starting but the company has assured that their objective is to start an active fight against the ocean debris (and make money). Those products contain 100% recycled materials. The process used to transform the plastic into shoes or clothes is unknown,  Adidas only mentioned “new technologies”.


  • ULTRABOOST UNCAGED PARLEY:  Shoes made of 95% recycled plastic and 5 % recycled polyester. Adidas launched 7000 units at a price of 220 us-dollar. The company has stated that this is just a first launch of an expected total production of one million of this light running shoes.

    Real Madrid and Bayern Munich used Parley Football Jerseys in one match each. It became really successful. The brand is planning to continue with the Parley Soccer kits and expand it to all the sports teams it is sponsoring.

We strongly support this idea and we hope that the Parley Products are the most sold for 2017. Hopefully the other sports brands copy this initiative so in few years the huge amounts of plastic in the oceans will be reduced dramatically.

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