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Important – Suunto Product Recall

gener 2, 2020

By Gery

Gery started diving in 2000. After a couple of years and a few hundred dives, he decided his life would forever be associated with diving. Ever since he was conquered by passion, and spreads his endless knowledge and experience as an IDC Staff Instructor.


Suunto has just released a warning for all the users of all Suunto and Suunto Tank PODs wireless pressure transmitters. All the owners of a Suunto or Tank POD wireless pressure transmitter are required to take their products to a Suunto dealer or authorized Suunto Service Center for inspection and updating. The process is completely free for consumers.

Important : Transmitters and Tank PODs must not be used until the update has been received.

This call comes after the outer casing of a Suunto Wireless Pressure Bottle Transmitter failed during regular ground pressure tests. Although extremely difficult to happen, there is a risk of explosion hazard. In its website Suunto states:

The safety of divers is of utmost importance to Suunto. For this reason, Suunto has decided to begin withdrawing all Suunto and Suunto Tank POD wireless pressure transmitters. Suunto sincerely regrets the inconveniences caused by this process. As a complementary service, Suunto will replace the battery for free and offer a one-year warranty from the date of inspection of the updated products.

The affected products are:

Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter

    Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter has a black cone-shaped plastic case – with SUUNTO, FINLAND printed on top of the case.
    The old model has a black plastic base. The new model has a transparent plastic based with an LED light.
    Suunto Tank POD
  • SS020306000 SUUNTO TANK POD
    Suunto Tank POD has black cone-shaped plastic case with SUUNTO TANK POD, MADE IN FINLAND printed in gray color on the case and a transparent plastic base.
    Remember:  Transmitters and Tank PODs must not be used until the update has been received.

Click Here for more information from Suunto.

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