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A brief Intro to Cave Diving

There is a moment in the life of every diver when the word “cave” appears. Some divers say they will never practice cave diving. Others feel very excited about the subject and want to try it. Some claim to have dived in caves already. Caves are like the Mount Everest...

Technical Diving Myths – True or False?

For many divers technical diving is like an icon, a myth. But why do people feel that way? At our Technical Diving School we offer recreational divers the possibility to try Technical Diving. Some of the most common reasons why divers tell us they don’t want to try...

Become a self-sufficient diver – 8 tips to start with

What is the biggest step you can take to improve as a diver? Basically,  the biggest change occurs the day you stop depending on your instructor or you buddy and you dare to walk by yourself. That moment when you decide to become a Self Sufficient diver. It is not so...

10 Reasons Why You Should Begin Technical Diving

There is a kind of mythology around technical diving. One may think that technical divers are risk-takers. Or that they are divers with a diving level that is unattainable for the rest. Maybe you met some technical divers underwater and thought of them as the elite of...

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