When one tank is not enough...


Take Responsibility, Own the Dive, Gain Confidence

Our technical diving school is in Gran Canaria, Spain. We are located in Puerto Rico, within the complex of Blue Water Diving, as a technical diving division. We are 30 minutes away from the fantastic Marine Reserve “El Cabrón”, 10 minutes away from the port of Puerto de Mogan (“little venice”) and have quick access to the best dives sites all around the island. Within the complex you’ll find a gear room with cleaning and drying area, a compressor room, a changing room, outside space to teach and chat, aswell as a snack bar by the pool.
Our highly experienced instructors provide the most complete training and show absolute respect for standards and safety. We make the difference! Diving with us offers you knowledge gained through decades of working in the dive industry all around the world. We are Scuba Legends, a team of Diving Lovers who share their passion with a big smile.

Scuba Legends Gran Canaria Team


The Passionist
Originally from a small coastal town in the south of Barcelona, Gery began diving in 2000. After a few years and a couple of hundred dives he decided that his life would be tied to diving forever.
Even though Gery is a highly experienced Instructor, still his motto is: “The more I learn about diving, the more I realize that I still have a lot to learn.”

Scuba Legends Gran Canaria Team


The Organized
Born in cold Germany, Chantal accidentally fell in love with diving during her holidays in Greece. Very quick Chantal realised her passion is more than just a hobby. After university she became a dive professional in 2012. Chantal has been diving in places with incredible underwater life, though as long as she is underwater she is happy.

Scuba Legends Gran Canaria Team


The Good Guy
Born in London, Sebas was just finishing his finance degree at a top university when the opportunity arose to learn scuba diving in Mexico. It didn’t take much convincing; shortly after his flights were arranged and numbers were changed for water. Sebas met Gery in Mexico, neither one of them knew at the time that it was the beginning of a prosporous future.

Scuba Legends Gran Canaria Team


The Paparazzi
Born in Florence, Italy, after university, Massimo started working as photographer and journalist. In 1993 he discovered diving and since then he has been nonstop exploring the sea, above and below.
“After over thousands of dives and more than 25 years of activity, everytime I look into the blue I feel complete.”