Take the next step and become a Tec Trimix 65 diver. Extend your depth range with the use of trimix, a mixed blend of helium, oxygen and nitrogen. Dive down to a maximum depth of 65 metres.


What will you learn?

Within one confined water and four open water training dives, including knowledge development sections and practical assessments, your instructor will challenge your limits. Learn about the advantages, dangers and emergency procedures applied to diving with trimix. Select the right gas mix and plan your dive including depths and exposure. Find out more about the different decompression models. Gain confidence and routine to configure and trim three or four decompression cylinders.


To start the course you have to hold a Tec 50 Diver certification and at least 100 logged dives.


Time Commitment

  • 2-3 days



  • 18 years +
  • Tec 50, Rescue Diver
  • Medically fit for diving


PRICE on request