Refresher Dive

Haven’t been in the water for a while? No worries, we will update your skills and knowledge with a quick review before you jump back into the water. We recommend to refresh your skills if you have not been diving since more than 12 months.


What will you learn?

The refresher is personalized for your needs. Whether you want to go through the basics or just need a  little reminder. We will quickly review your current knowledge and plan which skills we will work on. Parts of the refresh will be safety procedures, equipment set up, dive planning and problem management. After a detailed briefing you will start with a confined water session to practice skills. Once you give your instructor the “go” you will continue with an open water dive.


Time Commitment

1/2 day



10 years +

Be a Scuba DIver

Medically fit for diving


PRICE 55,00€