When one tank is not enough...

Tec Diving

Take Responsibility, Own the Dive, Gain Confidence

Are you looking for some fun diving during your stay in Gran Canaria?
At Scuba Legends we strongly believe “one tank is not enough”. Therefore we focus on technical diving in sidemount and twinset configuration. Many divers simply prefer to dive with a redundant system, others might be used to dive in colder water temperatures and are required to do so. However, for pleasure or for safety, come and join us! Explore the underwater beauty of Gran Canaria!

Tec Diving

2 pack

Join us for 2 guided technical dives (1 day) in either twinset or sidemount configuration.


Tec Diving

6 pack

Join us for 6 guided technical dives (3 days) in either twinset or sidemount configuration.


Tec Diving

10 pack

Join us for 10 guided technical dives (5 days) in either twinset or sidemount configuration.


Not a technical diver yet, but highly interested? The Tec 40 Course is the first step to become a certified tec diver. Cross the zone from recreational to technical scuba diving. Don’t miss out and check your options how to take the plunch into tec diving!

All dive packages include guided dives in either twinset or sidemount configuration, tanks, weights, regulators and BC’s. Technical dive packages also include additional stages and gas mixes. Dives can be shore or boat based. Dive sites always depend on the level of experience and weather conditions. Depending on your experience we might do an obligatory check dive to see you are familiar with the used gear, update your skills and to assure your safety.

If you have further questions that cannot be found in our FAQ’s, please do not hesitate to contact us.