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To make sure you fully enjoy your diving holidays in Gran Canaria have a look at our recent diving combos! While combining course + dives you will apply your gained knowledge and visiting some of the best dive sites of the island. Of course your tec instructor will be aside you.

Sidemount & Wreck Lover

Do you love wrecks? Would you like to learn to a new way to explore them? Learn Sidemount Diving and explore incredible wrecks in comfortable sidemount configuration afterwords.

Tec 40 & Wreck Lover

Get your first certification as a technical diver with the PADI Tec 40 Course and acquire experience with everything learned in 6 spectacular dives in the best diving sites of Gran Canaria.

Cavern & Sidemount Lover

Do you want to know what diving in caves is like but do not want to do a whole cave diving course? At Scuba Legends we offer you a beautiful training combo of Sidemount and Cavern course.

Photography & Buoyancy

Join our Photography Workshop and master your buoyancy. Learn all the tricks to take the best pictures underwater while being perfectly positioned.