Do you like caves? The unexplored? Do you want to know what diving in caves is like but do not want to do a whole cave diving course? At Scuba Legends we offer you a  beautiful training combo so you can start developing your basic cave diving skills. Enter the world of exploration with the Cavern Lover program!



  • Duration: 5 days
  • Total number of dives: 10

We will start with the Sidemount Diver Course, where you will learn to dive with this new configuration. You will also learn about the Hogartian system and new safety procedures. Once you master the Sidemount, we will enter the world of exploration with the Cavern Diver Course. You will learn exploration techniques, buoyancy in perfection, navigation and safety procedures. Once the two courses are completed, we will do 4 fun dives in the most spectacular caverns of Gran Canaria, of course in sidemount configuration.


  • Be 15 years old
  • Advanced diver