The First Time Underwater...

I am sure everybody that tried scuba diving once remembers the amazing feeling of being weightless and hovering through the ocean. 
I clearly do! I did my first try dive in Santorini, a beautiful Island in Greece. I truly remember this day as if it was yesterday. Our Instructor explained us very detailed what to expect and what to do and we started performing some Skills in shallow water to begin with.

After everybody was comfortable the adventure started:

We continued further out into the open water and after a while we reached a maximum depth of 12 metres. Everything was so exciting, I didn't know where to look first. The instructor had to hold on to me so I would not swim away from the group.

It was incredible to see the reef from this perspective, something totally new. The visibility was amazing and we saw a lot of different fishes, some nice sponges and corals. The feeling of gliding through the water and hearing nothing but your own bubbles was wonderful. The atmosphere was so peaceful and I forgot everything else around me, it was like a therapy for my soul.


After coming out of the water I knew that this was not the last time diving.
I continued diving, got certified as an PADI Open Water Diver and step by step I decided to make my passion become my profession. Since a couple of years I am a passionate full-time Dive Instructor - best decision of my life!

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Diving starts in our mind. We grow up with the idea that we can not breathe underwater and keep thinking this for the rest of our life.

Any Concerns?

Nowadays many people are asking me about Scuba Diving. Some have a wide smile in their face and cannot wait to get underwater. Others are more concerned. Unluckily many people are pretty anxious about diving. They are wondering, if it is safe. What happens, if you need to go up? What, if you panic? Some feel uncomfortable with the idea of having a regulator in their mouth and others with a mask on their face. Everybody is different, some people are more nervous and some less.

Yes, to try Scuba Diving for the first time is safe. Obviously there are specific standards, rules and regulations to follow, as in any other sports in daily life. As long as we follow the rules and instructions everything is fine.

Keep in mind, there is a reason, why you start breathing first on the surface and then go slowly one level down to shallow water...exactly, to make sure it is easy and we can stand up at any time needed. There are restrictions in depth and limitations on the ratio of how many students an instructor can take underwater.

It Is All About Your Mind... 

Diving starts in your head. We grow up with the idea that we can not breathe underwater and keep thinking this for the rest of our life. Of course it takes sometimes a couple of minutes underwater until our brain and body understand that this was a lie. We need to convince our thoughts and be patient with ourselves. Maybe in the beginning you are nervous, maybe you are anxious!

Trust Your Instructor - Be Patient!

Don't let fear stop you from trying new things. Once you overcome this feeling, you will see, how life changing Scuba Diving can be. On one side the feeling to convince yourself, but on the other side the incredible chance of experiencing something totally new.

Still Not Sure?

Did you ever think about diving or other challenges before? Are you concerned? You don't need to be a fish or a perfect swimmer. Age is not an excuse neither. No worries, it is always a circle of learning and understanding.

Just Try It!

...and you will get addicted to spend your time underwater.

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