Dive Excursions

Located 100 miles from the northwestern coast of Africa, the Canary Islands offer a warm climate, crystal waters and calm seas all year round.

Due to the location there are species from Africa, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Caribean, which turns out into a incredibly special marine bio-diversity. All together makes Gran Canaria a top diving destination with endless possibilities. 

With Scuba Legends you will find many different options to explore the islands pristine waters. We will take you to the best dive sites of Gran Canaria. From the Natural Park of El Cabrón in the north east all the way south to the most western point of the island.

What to expect?

The common underwater life here in Gran Canaria includes Damselfish, Breams, Trumpetfish, Lizardfish, Flounders, Cuttlefish, Octopuses, Wrasses, Scorpion Fish, Starfish and Sponges. Often we find aswell Grunts, Sardines, Tunas, Moray Eels, Lobsters, Squids, Shrimps and Crabs, Nudibranches, Barracudas and many more fantastic creatures. With a bit of luck the chances are good to spot Angel Sharks, Oceanic Rays, Butterfly Rays, Common Sting Rays, Eagle Rays or even sometimes Mobula Rays.

Apart of incredible aquatic life Gran Canaria also offers a bunge of different wrecks. For example "Cermona" and "Alegranza" which are old fishing vessels,“Meteor II” a russian built hydrofoil and the "Arona" wreck. Other wrecks include ferries, sailing boats and even a 2nd World War airplane.

The gentle descent of the southern side of the island unlike the north, allows diving at any depth. It is the perfect location for beginners and offers very relaxed reef and wreck dives. Medium depth for advanced divers and real deep dives for technical divers are give, too.

  • Dive sites vary from a depth of 6 - 65m 
  • Average visibility is about 20m
  • Water temperature varies from 24ºC in summer to 18°C in winter
  • Shore and Boat Diving
  • Currents are mild 
  • Calm waters all year long
  • More than 20 different dive sites for all levels!

We, Scuba Legends, prefer to dive in small, private groups. To ensure your vacations turn out as a beautiful memory, we try our best to arrange individual packages focused on your preferences (depending on the environmental conditions and certification level).

Would you like to dive from the shore or by boat? Do you prefer single dives or better a 10-pack? Are there any special dive sites that you haven't seen yet? Let us know, you choose! You don't want a choose? Dive first, decide after!!

Contact us now for bookings, further information or the organisation of your diving schedule!