Sebas - UK

Diving Professional since 2012
Advanced Stage Cave Diving


Born in London, Sebas was well on the way to finish his finance degree at a top university when the opportunity arose to learn how to dive in Mexico. It didn’t take much convincing; two weeks later the flights were booked and Sebas was enjoying his first ever dives in the clear waters of the Caribbean.

Sebas met Gery in Mexico, who completed Sebas’s training up to Divemaster. Neither of them knew at the time that it was the beginning of something great. Seb later went on to complete his cave diving training in Tulum, Mexico, awaking a strong passion for the discipline of technical diving.

Sebas is the Cave Diving Nerd of the team. Advanced Stage Cave Diver, he possibly he has more amount of  dives in overhead environments than in the open waters. Sebas does not need encounters with incredible creatures to enjoy his dives. Be under water.  The longer underwater the better. Simply diving. This is what motivates him.

Sebas kept up his involvement in the sport and was appointed safety officer for his university club. He has been acquiring experience in several locations around the UK, Ibiza, and most recently Gran Canaria, meeting up with his old friend Gery again for more Tec Diving Adventures!